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Sharing a Toxic-Free Gift Guide with my loved ones


While many are struggling to fill stockings on time and get their houses to optimum holiday glow, the Center for Environmental Health is working on making sure everyone has the safest, toxic-free holiday they can. CEH recently released “Buying Naughty or Nice: A Toxic-Free Gift Guide to the Holidays,” to help parents and families everywhere…

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Power Imbalance: The Emperor’s New Bracelet


“Here are Your Majesty’s trousers,” said one. “This is Your Majesty’s mantle,” said the other. “The whole suit is as light as a spider’s web. Why, you might almost feel as if you had nothing on, but that is just the beauty of it.” Hans Christian Andersen, The Emperor’s New Clothes Just before Christmas, the…

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We Did It! The Cadmium Ban Passes in CA


Thousands of CEH members around the California came together last month and told the state Assembly that kids’ jewelry should never be toxic. Our work forced the jewelry industry to eliminate lead threats, but some jewelry makers responded by substituting cadmium, another toxic metal, for the lead they could no longer use in children’s jewelry….

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Confessions of a Young Man’s Love For Jewelry… Compliance Testing


If you were to search for men who admit to frequenting Claire’s Boutique – where your teenage daughters shop for clothes, jewelry, and other fashion accessories with short shelf lives – I am quite certain that you would spend a long time looking.  I visit this store often, along with many others that sell women’s…

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Kiss Me, I’m Infertile! A St. Patrick’s Day Surprise You Don’t Want to Hear


As St. Patrick’s Day approaches, our thoughts turn to parades, green beer, and of course, infertility. Infertility? Apparently that’s what some jewelry makers want us to think about when we see a St. Patrick’s Day pendant on a necklace for young girls. Because the St. Pat’s shamrock necklace we purchased at Claire’s, the “fashion authority”…

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Aeropostale Bans Cadmium-Tainted Products from its Stores!


Cadmium – if you slept through high school chemistry, you may have never heard of it. But cadmium is all over the news suddenly, with AP reporting that two national retailers are pulling jewelry items contaminated with the carcinogenic crap. If you’re just tuning in, this all came about because CEH discovered the items in…

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This Month’s Flavor for Toxic Jewelry: Cadmi-yumm


So it turns out that cadmium (atomic number forty-eight, for those of you scoring at home) is more than an otherwise-meaningless square on the periodic table. It’s also a toxic heavy metal found in our children’s jewelry. Earlier this week, the Associated Press (AP) reported on high levels of cadmium found in children’s jewelry recently…

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