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Moneyball: Hollywood (and Artificial Turf) Comes to Oakland


Last night the stars were out at Oakland’s historic Paramount Theater for the premier of Moneyball, the Brad Pitt vehicle (from the fabulous Michael Lewis book of the same name) about Oakland A’s manager Billy Beane. The stars and guests were welcomed to the theater with a freshly installed artificial turf baseball diamond constructed just…

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Free Lead Screening for Artificial Turf


A lawsuit brought by the California Attorney General (with help from CEH) against several producers of artificial turf (sometimes called indoor/outdoor grass carpet) resulted in the turf makers eliminating lead in their new products.But some older turf may still contain lead. If your children play on older turf fields or lawns, they may be exposed…

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Eco-Tip: Reducing Your Exposure to Lead from Artificial Turf


We’ve worked hard over the last couple of years, in collaboration with the California Attorney General, to make sure that  lead threats are removed from artificial turf—especially in places where children play.  Five major turf companies have made legal commitments to remove hazardous lead from their products. The companies have also agreed to replace certain…

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