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Warning: Your Baby Contains Toxic Chemicals!


Crossposted at SupernaturalMom.com Hundreds of toxic chemicals, including PCBs, DDT, endocrine disruptors, and dioxins — to name just a few — are showing up in mothers’ and their newborn babies’ bodies. These chemicals, found in everyday household products, can get absorbed during a typical morning routine. Consider this scenario:  the pregnant mom awakens after a…

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Eco-Tip: Reducing Your Exposure to Lead from Artificial Turf


We’ve worked hard over the last couple of years, in collaboration with the California Attorney General, to make sure that  lead threats are removed from artificial turf—especially in places where children play.  Five major turf companies have made legal commitments to remove hazardous lead from their products. The companies have also agreed to replace certain…

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Eco-Tip: Avoiding Lead in Your Back to School Shopping


Backtoschool tips slideshow View more presentations from Center for Environmental Health.

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CEH in Action: Making Bounce Houses Safe


Watch CEH in action:  Learn about how lead threats in Bounce Houses and how YOU can protect your kids!

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Playing Ball Just Got a Little Safer


Thanks to research and legal action by the Center for Environmental Health, millions of children who play on fields of artificial turf will no longer be exposed to potentially hazardous levels of lead. A 2008 CEH expose showing high levels of lead in many varieties of artificial turf culminated this week with legal settlements that…

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