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The Language of Legislation


Before last Tuesday, I had thought of California’s state capitol in Sacramento as a distant place of legal lingo – not a place where my California casual accent, littered with “like” and “totally”, would be well-received.  I thought it would be a place where multisyllabic theological speak would infiltrate perfectly simple ideas. But last week,…

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You and I vs. Money


You may never have heard of Arysta LifeScience, the largest privately-held agrochemical company in the world. You’re more likely to have heard of Arysta’s most infamous product, methyl iodide. It’s a frighteningly toxic pesticide that has just been used for the first time in California. Arysta is a wealthy enough company that it hires big…

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Get Ready for the Red Carpet Event of the Year: The Toxies 2011!


You’ve probably heard about the the Razzies, a satirical spin on the Oscars, but you may not have heard of the Toxies.  June 16, 2011 brings us the second annual red carpet awards ceremony for “Bad Actor” chemicals will take place at the Egyptian Theater in Hollywood. “The Toxies”, created by CEH ally coalition, Californians…

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5 Simple Things You Can Do For Your Health & the Environment on Earth Day


Usually Earth Day comes and goes, and often times, it can have the unfortunate side effect of greenwashing (just look at all the green leaves and “earth” symbols that are arbitrarily slapped onto the labels of  a bevy of commercial products).  But it’s important to know that we can’t just buy our way out of…

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Schwarzenegger Terminates Science, Law in Approving Cancer-Causing Strawberry Pesticide


When the California Department of Pesticide Regulation acted last month to approve use of the strawberry pesticide methyl iodide, the department gave a thumbs up to use of a cancer-causing pesticide an expert panel had said was too dangerous for use. Dr. John Froines,  chair of the committee of scientists that reviewed methyl iodide, said,…

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Government Agency Chooses Money Over Health: Cancer-Causing Strawberry Pesticide Methyl Iodide Approved in CA


The California Department of Pesticide Regulation just announced its decision to approve the use of the cancer-causing strawberry pesticide methyl iodide. Ignoring the recommendations of expert scientists, and the concerns of thousands of Californians, this agency has shown once again that money is more important than California’s health. Thanks to all of you who added…

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Eco-Tip of the Week: Celebrating National Culinary Month at Home


It’s not the most well-known month dedication, but apparently, July is National Culinary Arts Month.  Though this four week celebration focuses on celebrating professional cooks and chefs, we thought we’d pay homage to the good old tradition of cooking at home.   Making your own food not only reduces waste, but it also gives you control…

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California’s Strawberry Field Poison Gets National Attention


You may have heard “methyl iodide” in the news over the weekend. It’s the name of the newest frighteningly toxic chemical — one that causes cancer and miscarriages — that California regulators are on the verge of approving for use on strawberry fields. Last week California Senator Dean Florez held a hearing to give the…

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Field of Nightmares: Keep Cancer-Causing Pesticide Out of California’s Strawberry Fields


More than 20 years ago, my sister died of cancer when she was a young mother of two kids under eight.  I still live with that pain, and I know  that I’m not alone –all of you also have the same kind of stories about this common disease. With cancer so wide-spread, it should be…

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