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Oakland’s first Veg Week, a celebration of meatless eating


By Megan Molteni, crossposted from Oakland North Colleen Patrick-Goudreau grew up in a world of mixed messages about animals. Dogs and cats were for loving; pigs and cows were for eating. This disparity, which she calls a “schizophrenic” attitude toward animals, began to gnaw at her more and more as she became an adult. Her…

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Oakland Veg Week: Recipes So Good, You Won't Even Miss the Meat!


Going vegetarian for a week?  It’s really not as hard as it may sound.  This year, a whole slew of Oaklanders are taking the dive and going vegetarian for Oakland Veg Week—a city wide, week-long celebration that challenges Oaklanders to pledge to be vegetarian for one week to improve their health, environmental sustainability, and animal…

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Oakland: Cracking Down on Farming?


According to police statistics, Oakland has the highest crime rate and slowest police response time of any major California city. In fact, the rate of violent crime in Oakland is more than twice the average rate of the top ten other California cities. So naturally, Oakland has chosen to crack down on crime, starting with, yes,…

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McDonald’s: Not Your Friendly, Neighborhood Restaurant


There’s a new little mac n cheese restaurant opening next week in my neighborhood. It’s called Homeroom, and it plans to highlight several mouth-watering sounding varieties of that great American comfort food. Now I don’t usually write about the local food scene, but what caught my attention (and that of some local press) was the name change…

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