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Eco-Tip of the Week: My Favorite Un-Recipes


This week, CEH’s Research Director Caroline Cox follow-ups on our Culinary Month tips to tell us about how she likes to grow, shop for, and prepare the organic food she loves. Unrecipe #1:  Every meal Ingredients: 1. Your neighborhood farmers market 2. A few minutes of your time to sample what’s for sale and talk…

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Son of Toxic Sludge: The Smell That Won’t Die


Sewage sludge is the mucky residue of municipal wastewater treatment operations, consisting largely of human feces. Repackaged as “biosolids,” sludge is sold or given away to farmers and homeowners for use as a nutrient-rich fertilizer. But when used to grow food, our turds may bite back: sludge can contain heavy metals, pharmaceuticals, toxic chemicals, disease-causing…

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