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The Plastic Bag Ban: Convenience Has Its Consequences


Billions of plastic bags are given away each year by grocery stores across the globe, polluting the planet and our bodies. Over the past year, Wales has seen the number of plastic bags given away by stores fall by up to 96%. What could this country have done to force such a dramatic drop? Wales…

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Greenwash of the Month: “My Teacher Says Plastic Bags are A-OK!”


It’s like the plot for an action-filled Hollywood movie:  the evil mastermind tries to  gain power and control by indoctrinating the unsuspecting civilians.  In this case, the villain is the American Chemistry Council, the chemical industry’s trade group.  And the Council’s civilian targets?  They’re California’s school children.  Over the past two years, the Chemistry Council…

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Lead in Your Shopping Bag?


Wegmans, a major grocery store chain in New York and nearby states recently announced that some reusable shopping bags that have been sold in its stores contain lead. Independent testing by the Empire State Consumer Project showed that these bags contain more lead than the standards set by “Toxics in Packaging” laws that many states…

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Majestic Plastic? Or Waste That Won’t Die…


We’ve written about the Pacific Garbage Patch before. This huge mass (twice the size of Texas!) of discarded plastic shows that when it comes to throwing away plastic, there simply is no Away.  All those forgotten plastic toys, cups, bottles, lighters and other plastic waste that never biodegrades goes to live on forever in this…

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