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Lead in Your Shopping Bag?


Wegmans, a major grocery store chain in New York and nearby states recently announced that some reusable shopping bags that have been sold in its stores contain lead. Independent testing by the Empire State Consumer Project showed that these bags contain more lead than the standards set by “Toxics in Packaging” laws that many states…

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The Plastic Bottle Dilemma


We’ve all done it before–you finish drinking that soda or eating that to-go lunch and you’re in a rush, with no recycling bin in sight–so what do you do with that plastic bottle or container? “Ah, how bad could it be to throw this one plastic item away, just this once?” you tell yourself. This…

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Majestic Plastic? Or Waste That Won’t Die…


We’ve written about the Pacific Garbage Patch before. This huge mass (twice the size of Texas!) of discarded plastic shows that when it comes to throwing away plastic, there simply is no Away.  All those forgotten plastic toys, cups, bottles, lighters and other plastic waste that never biodegrades goes to live on forever in this…

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Generation Green’s Environmental Health Tip of the Week


The Center for Environmental Health is working on a number of projects to protect children and families from dangerous chemicals in plastics, like Bisphenol-A in plastic water bottles and canned food linings and lead in fake leather plastic. But the problem with plastics is more than just the immediate effect they can have on people’s health. Plastic…

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