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Protect Your Home & Family


Our homes can be particularly toxic places for children and pets (who spend a lot of their time on or near the floor). CEH makes the following recommendations for reducing toxicity in your home. Baby Bibs Vinyl baby bibs (and cotton bibs with vinyl backings) often contain dangerous levels of lead and phthalates. However, there are many readily…

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Pest Control


Don’t use pesticide sprays because they contaminate the air and coat surfaces such as kitchen counters, children’s toys, and rugs where children play. Spraying also doesn’t address the cause of the problem, so the pests will often return. Ants To get rid of ants in your house, spray the ants with a soap solution. Fill a 16 oz. spray…

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Household Cleaners


It’s quick and easy to make your own inexpensive and effective cleaning products from ingredients like white distilled vinegar, baking soda, liquid soap (castile, vegetable-based, or glycerin), liquid hand dishwashing detergent, olive oil, and club soda. A steam cleaner filled with vegetable-based fragrance-free dish detergent works great for cleaning carpets. There’s no need to use…

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