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Fight Toxic Chemicals: Make Some Art!


Momentum is building in the movement for safe chemicals. Just last week, we told you about the exciting news that Senator Dianne Feinstein agreed to co-sponsor the Safe Chemicals Act! Now is the time to keep the pressure on and encourage other Senators to sign on in support of the Safe Chemicals Act.  The first…

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Sleeping with the Enemy: Are There Toxins in your Tot’s Crib?


Crossposted from Making Our Milk Safe (MOMS) blog. Even though my son is now three years old, I can still recall how nervous I was around his sleep habits when he was a newborn. If he slept longer than the expected 3-4 hours at a stretch, I would hover over his crib, sending him subliminal…

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Greenwash of the Month: Chemical Company Poses as Supporter of Safe Chemicals Act


Is your chemical company getting a lot of flak for all those nasty health problems that the toxic chemicals you produce have been causing? Don’t worry!  Follow the steps below to see a great chemical company marketing tactic guide that’s sure to gain your corporation better standing as a trusted, sustainable entity: 1. Pose as…

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Wednesday: National Call-In Day for Safe Chemicals!


Mark your calendars:  Wednesday is an important day for your health.  Environmental health advocates across the country have deemed this Wednesday, July 20th “National Call-In Day for Safe Chemicals”. Join parents, nurses, doctors, college students, and people like you across the country will call their Senators to protect our families from toxic chemicals. The average…

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