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The Pepsi Challenge? Cancer-Causing Ingredient Found in Pepsi Products Nationwide – Except California!


CEH found high levels of a cancer-causing chemical, 4-MEI, in ALL Pepsi cola products sold in states outside California. More than a year ago Pepsi stated they would clean up their ingredients. Our testing shows Pepsi has not changed their products, and the company doesn’t plan to remove 4-MEI until next February! Urge Pepsi to…

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For Some Chemicals, Less Is More


Crossposted from Huffington Post When scientists suspect a chemical may cause cancer or other illnesses, one way they do testing is to expose lab animals to high doses of the substance and then see what happens. When anything tested this way shows harmful effects, industry goes on the offensive, arguing that only massively unlikely doses…

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Would A Coke By Any Other Color Taste As Sweet?


I haven’t had a  Coke in years. My parents kept a soda-free kitchen, so as a young child I didn’t know what Coke tasted like. Once at a birthday when I was nine or ten I was handed a paper cup full of Coke. I took a sip (expecting it to be a treat that…

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Mountain Dew Madness: What’s That Flame Retardant Doing in My Soda?


We all know that sodas are full of sugar, buy you may be surprised (and grossed out) to find that a chemical called brominated vegetable oil (BVO), a patented flame retardant, has also been added to  approximately 10% of sodas for decades in North America.  No need to worry about your soda catching on fire!…

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Yuck! One Food I Will Never Eat


After I wrote about some of the highly questionable practices in the beef industry, a colleague asked me if my kids eat fast food burgers. No, they don’t, I answered; in fact, I don’t think either of them (then ages three and eight) have ever had a hamburger, period. I’ve never really made a conscious…

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