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With Liberty and Healthy Environments for All


Most Americans are taught in grade school about the Declaration of Independence and the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. But even those elitist Americans with a college education don’t learn anything about the concept of a human right to a healthy environment. So it is not surprising when news headlines completely overlook an…

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Stand With Kids, NOT the Chemical Industry: Support the Safe Chemicals Act!


The chemical lobby has spent millions in this election to back candidates for Congress. Congress needs to protect American families from toxic chemicals by supporting the Safe Chemicals Act.  Send a message to your federal candidates today and let them know that you care deeply about increased oversight on toxic chemicals. Tell your Congressional candidates…

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Are Toxic Chemicals In Your Home Your Problem?


By Christina Medina and Rebecca Fuoco, crossposted from California Progress Report On Sunday an unusual and quirky red carpet award show in Hollywood brought the normally faceless and intangible issue of chemical exposure and regulation to life. The Third Annual “Toxies”, an event put on by Physicians for Social Responsibility-Los Angeles and Californians for a…

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Get to Know the 2012 Toxies Nominees!


The 2012 Toxies Nominees are out!  Meet this year’s nominees below, and make sure to vote for the People’s Choice Award! Winners in each category will be announced on June 24 at the Toxies in Los Angeles. RSVP now or host a satellite viewing party with livestream of the ceremony. Check out all the 2012…

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The Oscars, the Grammys, the Razzies…but what about The Toxies? Host Your Own Toxies Viewing Party!l


We’re gearing up for the 3rd Annual Toxies right now—the awards that bring toxic chemicals to life, with a Hollywood spin!  If you live in Los Angeles, you can RSVP here to meet face-to-face with the most notorious #Toxies in town June 24th at LA’s Historic Silent Movie Theatre. But for the rest of us,…

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NYC SPARK Event: Toxic Chemicals in my Couch?


Come celebrate Mother Earth and your favorite environmental health group (that’s CEH!) and join us for wine, light hors d’oeuvres, and vibrant conversation at the SPARK speaker series where we’ll talk about the incendiary topic: What Are Pounds of Toxic Flame-Retardants Doing in my Furniture? Featuring: Michael Green, Executive Director, CEH and Robin Guenther, Principal, Perkins+Will Tuesday,…

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Hello, Senator? Give the Gift of Safer Chemicals, Please!


Today is a National Call-In Day for Safer Chemicals, organized by CEH and our coalition partners. By calling your Senator today, you have the exciting opportunity to add to the nationwide support for safer chemicals. Parents, doctors, teachers, nurses and others who care about their families’ health are calling their Senators to ask them to…

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Be a Super Hero for Safer Chemicals on August 10th


Are you sick of trying to avoid the many products that contain chemicals that pose health hazards to your family?  Every week, we see another study linking chemicals in our homes, schools and workplaces to cancer, infertility, autism, developmental disorders, and more.  Toxic chemicals in plastics, hazardous flame retardants in baby products, hormone-disrupting chemicals in…

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Senator Frank Lautenberg Introduces "Safe Chemicals Act of 2011"!


“The average American has more than 200 industrial chemicals in their body, including dozens linked to cancer and other health problems. The shocking truth is that the current law does not require tests to ensure chemicals used in everyday household products are safe.” -Senator Frank R. Lautenberg Today, Senator Lautenberg introduced updated legislation to modernize…

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Take It Personally


On my way into work last Friday I heard a story on NPR about a UCSF study that found dozens of toxic chemicals in the bodies of pregnant women. I’ve written before about the vulnerable environment of the womb, and while I’m not surprised by the findings of this latest report, its release struck a…

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