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Moving Past Pinkwashing: Breast Cancer Prevention Means Eliminating Toxics


Today I bought a yogurt and opened it up to find a pink ribbon on the back of the lid next to the words “Breast Cancer Awareness Month”.  For the last few years, these pink ribbons have been omnipresent in everything from media to food product packaging during the month of October.  So, are all…

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Eco-Tip: Ten Everyday Toxics to Avoid


Have you seen USA Today’s brand new health magazine Fresh? The first issue includes a list of “Top 10 toxins and how to protect your family.” When a widely-read mainstream publication like USA Today tackles a topic like this, everyone in the environmental health movement is pleased. If USA Today had asked me to write…

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We Did It! The Cadmium Ban Passes in CA


Thousands of CEH members around the California came together last month and told the state Assembly that kids’ jewelry should never be toxic. Our work forced the jewelry industry to eliminate lead threats, but some jewelry makers responded by substituting cadmium, another toxic metal, for the lead they could no longer use in children’s jewelry….

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CEH Stands Up to Ban Cadmium


Last week, the Center for Environmental Health and State Senator Fran Pavley led supporters in Sacramento, urging Governor Schwarzenegger to sign the bill to ban the toxic metal cadmium, from children’s jewelry. This bill would cap cadmium use at 300 parts per million. CEH brought our x-ray florescence machine along to test parents’ and their…

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Protecting Kids from Leady Products in Stores: My Summer as a CEH Intern


This past summer, the Center for Environmental Health hosted two high school interns from the Rose Foundation for Communities and the Environment, a grant-making public charity that supports grassroots initiatives to inspire community action to protect the environment, consumers, and public health. One of our summer interns, 18 year old Salvador Mateo from Mandela High…

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Confessions of a Young Man’s Love For Jewelry… Compliance Testing


If you were to search for men who admit to frequenting Claire’s Boutique – where your teenage daughters shop for clothes, jewelry, and other fashion accessories with short shelf lives – I am quite certain that you would spend a long time looking.  I visit this store often, along with many others that sell women’s…

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Aeropostale Bans Cadmium-Tainted Products from its Stores!


Cadmium – if you slept through high school chemistry, you may have never heard of it. But cadmium is all over the news suddenly, with AP reporting that two national retailers are pulling jewelry items contaminated with the carcinogenic crap. If you’re just tuning in, this all came about because CEH discovered the items in…

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CEH in the News on Cadmium in Jewelry


Earlier this week, the Associated Press released a report in which they exposed high levels of cadmium in jewelry sold at major retail stores. Please read our post, “This Months’ Flavor for Toxic Jewelry: Cadmi-yumm,” for the latest on the issue. CEH has been interviewed by news outlets all over the country since the story…

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