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Greenwash of the Month: The High Price of Spring Cleaning


Believe it or not, there are many risks that can come with cleaning your home.  Cancer-causing chemicals or fumes from cleaning products are released into the air, affecting indoor air quality, and accidental spills can cause serious skin rashes or burns. Last month, CEH pushed for the enforcement of a 40-year old New York state…

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Flaming Mad About Chemical Industry Lies


CEH staff members have been consistently working on the problems surrounding flame retardants for the past 5 years.  We have uncovered and exposed many of the lies and deceptions that the chemical industry has perpetuated, but never in my wildest dreams, could I have imagined that the Chicago Tribune would issue a four-part investigative report…

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The Toxic Turf Times, Vol. 1


I’ve never been much of an athlete.  When I view home videos from my childhood, I am dismayed to see that I spent more time “coaching” my little league soccer teammates as to where an opponent kicked the ball (as if they couldn’t see for themselves) than running after the ball myself. I’m no athlete, but…

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Stand Up to Support the Safe Chemicals Act!


The mounting evidence can’t be denied: toxic chemicals we’re exposed to everyday can significantly increase the risk of developing a myriad of health problems including infertility, learning and developmental disabilities, and even cancer. Congress has an obligation to pass a law that will protect our families from harmful chemicals. Tell Congress: We’re tired of being…

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Mr. Tortorello: Stop the Toxic Insults;They Aren’t Helping


Crossposted from Making Our Milk Safe (MOMS) blog Reading Michael Tortorello’s recent piece published March 14th in the New York Times (“Is It Safe to Play Yet? Going to Extreme Lengths to Purge Household Toxins”), evoked in me the same reaction the writer insinuates that reports of environmental toxins evoke in many mothers: crazed anger. Or…

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Fight Toxic Chemicals: Make Some Art!


Momentum is building in the movement for safe chemicals. Just last week, we told you about the exciting news that Senator Dianne Feinstein agreed to co-sponsor the Safe Chemicals Act! Now is the time to keep the pressure on and encourage other Senators to sign on in support of the Safe Chemicals Act.  The first…

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NY Advocates Win PCBs Right-to-Know Battle


By Mary Brune, crossposted from the Making Our Milk Safe (MOMS) blog A few weeks back I wrote about MOMS member Penelope Jagessar-Chaffer joining dozens of other concerned citizens at a press conference on the steps of NY City Hall to urge the NY City Council to pass legislation that would force disclosure of PCBs…

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Watch: The Story of Broke


“We can rebuild the American Dream; we can afford to have a healthy environment, good jobs, and top-notch public education.  But not if we continue subsidizing the dinosaur economy.” –Annie Leonard, The Story of Broke Last week, the new Story of Stuff Project released its latest video, “The Story of Broke.”   In the 8-minute film,…

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"Another Side of Justice": My Summer as a CEH Intern


I just graduated from high school and the only time I really thought about the environment was in science class. I knew chemicals can harm you but I didn’t realize that the toxics were located in the products I use every day. That all changed this summer. As a Rose Foundation intern I worked at…

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What my daughter wants (and deserves) for her birthday: A toxic-free future


Tomorrow, August 11th, is my daughter Olivia’s birthday. My almost second-grader, who just finished reading the second  Harry Potter book, is turning seven. It’s hard to believe. Tomorrow we’ll celebrate this milestone in the presence of family, give her gifts, and enjoy the Brune birthday staple: ice cream cake. But today, while the rest of…

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