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Eco-Tip: Triclosan-Free Alternatives


Do you use antibacterial soaps or sprays to keep your hands clean? Many of us do. And news coverage about bacteria, like germ-infested public transportation seats, can send many of us searching for something we can quickly spray on our hands. One common antibacterial chemical is triclosan. If you’ve been following our blog and advocacy…

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A Cleaning Industry Poll Concludes that the Public (gasp) Favors Antibacterial Products!


Last month, the American Cleaning Institute and Personal Care Products Council conducted a “poll” of American consumers’ views on and uses of antibacterial soap, in nervous anticipation of the possible EPA ban on triclosan, the antibacterial chemical found in a mind-boggling array of every day products, from toothbrushes to mattresses. Advertising for antibacterials is so…

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It’s Triclosan Awareness Month!


During the last few weeks we’ve seen so many important triclosan-related developments that, here at CEH world headquarters, we’ve begun calling January “Triclosan Awareness Month.”  Some of it is good news, some bad, but all is important enough that we want to make sure you’re in the loop. If you’re just tuning in, triclosan is…

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