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"Another Side of Justice": My Summer as a CEH Intern


I just graduated from high school and the only time I really thought about the environment was in science class. I knew chemicals can harm you but I didn’t realize that the toxics were located in the products I use every day. That all changed this summer. As a Rose Foundation intern I worked at…

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Bath & Body Works: Stop Using Triclosan!


Used as an antibacterial, the toxic chemical triclosan does more than just kill germs.  It poses serious health hazards!  The popular body care chain Bath & Body Works uses the harmful chemical in a huge array of their products, including a variety of flavored handsoaps. Join us to protect consumers and put an end to…

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5 Simple Things You Can Do For Your Health & the Environment on Earth Day


Usually Earth Day comes and goes, and often times, it can have the unfortunate side effect of greenwashing (just look at all the green leaves and “earth” symbols that are arbitrarily slapped onto the labels of  a bevy of commercial products).  But it’s important to know that we can’t just buy our way out of…

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Eco-Tip: Triclosan-Free Alternatives


Do you use antibacterial soaps or sprays to keep your hands clean? Many of us do. And news coverage about bacteria, like germ-infested public transportation seats, can send many of us searching for something we can quickly spray on our hands. One common antibacterial chemical is triclosan. If you’ve been following our blog and advocacy…

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A Cleaning Industry Poll Concludes that the Public (gasp) Favors Antibacterial Products!


Last month, the American Cleaning Institute and Personal Care Products Council conducted a “poll” of American consumers’ views on and uses of antibacterial soap, in nervous anticipation of the possible EPA ban on triclosan, the antibacterial chemical found in a mind-boggling array of every day products, from toothbrushes to mattresses. Advertising for antibacterials is so…

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It’s Triclosan Awareness Month!


During the last few weeks we’ve seen so many important triclosan-related developments that, here at CEH world headquarters, we’ve begun calling January “Triclosan Awareness Month.”  Some of it is good news, some bad, but all is important enough that we want to make sure you’re in the loop. If you’re just tuning in, triclosan is…

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First, Do No Harm


Here’s the latest place you’re likely to be exposed to toxic pesticides: inside an ambulance. Yes, the next time you’re lying flat on your back en route to the hospital, try not to think about the Nano-sized particles of disinfectant pesticides that were misted on every interior surface of the ambulance before you arrived.  Pesticides…

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Protect Consumers from Toxic Triclosan!


Urge the EPA to take decisive action to end the use of triclosan as a pesticide. Tell EPA now: Protect consumers from toxic triclosan! These could be the most important clicks your mouse makes today!

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