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Make a Call for Safer Chemicals!


Do you live in North Carolina? Then you have the chance to take action to protect the health of families statewide.  Thousands of chemicals are used in everyday products without ever being tested for safety. Show Senators Burr and Hagan that you want a change in the system!  Today, doctors, teachers, scientists, college students, and…

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In Brightest Day, In Blackest Night, No Toxic Chemical Shall Escape Government Oversight


Thor, Captain America, Green Lantern…With all of these superhero movies coming out over the summer, it’s easy to forget one of the most important superheroes—Mom.  Many moms and parents across the country have been the champions for environmental health, at the forefront of legislative action and advocacy.  On August 10th, the mom signal went up…

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What my daughter wants (and deserves) for her birthday: A toxic-free future


Tomorrow, August 11th, is my daughter Olivia’s birthday. My almost second-grader, who just finished reading the second  Harry Potter book, is turning seven. It’s hard to believe. Tomorrow we’ll celebrate this milestone in the presence of family, give her gifts, and enjoy the Brune birthday staple: ice cream cake. But today, while the rest of…

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Be a Super Hero for Safer Chemicals on August 10th


Are you sick of trying to avoid the many products that contain chemicals that pose health hazards to your family?  Every week, we see another study linking chemicals in our homes, schools and workplaces to cancer, infertility, autism, developmental disorders, and more.  Toxic chemicals in plastics, hazardous flame retardants in baby products, hormone-disrupting chemicals in…

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Wednesday: National Call-In Day for Safe Chemicals!


Mark your calendars:  Wednesday is an important day for your health.  Environmental health advocates across the country have deemed this Wednesday, July 20th “National Call-In Day for Safe Chemicals”. Join parents, nurses, doctors, college students, and people like you across the country will call their Senators to protect our families from toxic chemicals. The average…

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BPA In Paper Money


It turns out that the cash in your wallet may be contaminated with the dangerous chemical BPA.  A recent study found that BPA (a widely used chemical that causes genetic damage, miscarriages, birth defects and acts like a hormone) is present in paper money.  Water bottles, baby bottles and sippy cups just a few years…

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