Don’t Let My Story Become Your Story: EPA Must Ban Asbestos Now


By Linda Reinstein, Guest BlogDon’t let my story become your story.Like most Americans, I thought asbestos had been banned. Then my husband Alan was diagnosed with mesothelioma. As we searched for treatment options, we realized asbestos was not only lethal but still legal in the U.S. We were angry — and like many others —…

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A Murky Milestone for Children’s Health


Following the recent passage of the chemical safety bill, President Obama has now signed the first major update to an environmental health law in decades. The bill is being touted as a milestone in our country’s environmental history. While health advocacy efforts won important victories like safeguarding California’s Prop 65 (more below), unfortunately the bill falls…

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BPA In Paper Money


It turns out that the cash in your wallet may be contaminated with the dangerous chemical BPA.  A recent study found that BPA (a widely used chemical that causes genetic damage, miscarriages, birth defects and acts like a hormone) is present in paper money.  Water bottles, baby bottles and sippy cups just a few years…

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