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Act Now To Stop Trump’s EPA Pick!


If you love asbestos, you’ll love Nancy Beck. She’s Trump’s pick to lead chemical safety policy at the EPA. Nancy Beck’s previous job was defending the safety of chemicals for companies like Monsanto, Chevron, ExxonMobil and companies that make asbestos and other harmful chemicals.   Most recently, Beck’s appointment was criticized by Robert Sussman, a…

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Opening Week’s True Lead-Off Man


New Year’s Day (observed) was yesterday, and America’s past time is back.  Normally, Major League Baseball awards are announced at the end of the season, way off in October/November.  But the Center for Environmental Health will grant its first annual “Best Lead-Off Man” award during Opening Series, due to the meritorious question posed by Ross…

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Supporter Spotlight: Jean Hansen


Jean Hansen is the Sustainable Interiors Manager for the global architecture firm, HDR Architecture. She’s been a great supporter of CEH for many years, both as an employee sponsor of the HDR grant application and also as a partner with CEH on safer furniture purchasing for businesses, healthcare facilities, and interior designers. Jean has also supported…

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I Won the Cancer “Lottery” and How it Changed My Life


By CEH Intern Lawrence Tsai How did you live your life during your early 20s?  What were your focuses?  Your significant other? School? Job? Figuring out ways to beat the beer chugging record at the local bar?  How about health? Like many young adults, health was hardly a priority for me.  I almost routinely ate…

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Amy Brenneman, Actress and Mom, Takes on BPA Labeling


Is BPA (bisphenol A) just one more acronym in the alphabet soup of chemical names that we all hear about from time to time? Well, yes it is. But it’s also one of the scarier parts of the alphabet soup. For starters, it’s one of the most widely used chemicals in the world – two…

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Eco-Friendly Dentistry, Q & A with Dr. Namrata Patel


Dr. Namrata (Nammy) Patel is a leader in a movement to bring environmental sanity and wellbeing into the dental world. Her mission is to make going to the dentist as relaxing as a day at the spa. At her Green Dentistry office in San Francisco’s Union Square, patients relax on a heated massage table or…

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‘Tis the Season to be SHOPPING! A Photojournalist’s Day in the Life of the CEH Research Team


Black Friday has come and passed, and this year I made absolutely no effort to get out there and wait in line for my own personal wants and desires.  And with me, when a deal hits the shelves that looks appetizing, my mouth waters at the prospect of saving money. But I didn’t need to…

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Justice Fund Stories: Democracy in Action with Union de Vecinos


Water justice is beyond the science of contamination and clean up, it is about democracy. For the members of Union de Vecinos, this truth has mobilized and empowered their struggle for clean, healthy water for the city of Maywood, a small, working-class community in southeast Los Angeles County. For years whenever residents and members of…

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CEH's Justice Fund Helps Youth-Led Group Find Solutions to Cool the Planet


From the local to the global, we are all struggling to recognize and face the climate crisis to create lasting, viable solutions and connectivity among communities. For youth in southeast San Francisco, many are living the direct connection between the effects of climate change in their home countries in Latin America and with their families…

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A Breathe of Fresh Air: My Summer at CEH


In my senior year of high school, I felt stifled.  I went through the motions of applying to twenty-three colleges, slacking off on my school work, playing my final soccer game, and reveling in the last moments of my youth, but my heart wasn’t in it.  My graduation this June was anticlimactic.  My entire childhood,…

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