October 2017 Newsletter


Last week we delivered over 150,000 signatures from you to the Senate rejecting Dourson’s nomination. Despite widespread protest against this nominee, Michael Dourson narrowly won the Senate Committee vote to lead the EPA’s toxics program. A known friend of Trump and the chemical and tobacco industries, Dourson will try his best to open the flood gates to the deregulation of toxic chemicals and allow his corporate friends to profit immensely off of poisoning American families. What’s next? Dourson now has to win the full Senate’s approval to officially take the position. However, President Trump did a run-around the system by placing Dourson as an “Advisor” to EPA Director Scott Pruitt even before the committee vote. CEH will be there at every step to make sure that Dourson doesn’t pass the full Senate and to expose Trump’s underhanded “Advisor” appointment. The fight has just begun. If the fox thinks he can guard the henhouse with impunity, he won’t believe what we have in store for him. How you can help Now is the time to stay vigilant. Donate so we can mobilize to challenge every dangerous decision Dourson makes.

Cleaning Product Right to Know Act

Son Helping Father To Wash Dishes In Kitchen SinkCancer, asthma, and chemical burns should not have to be side effects of your job. That’s why when it comes to consumer and worker health, CEH has always been a champion for product safety. After many months of grassroots pressure, advocacy groups convinced California Governor Jerry Brown to sign a new law that would help keep dangerous chemicals out of cleaning products. The groundbreaking Right to Know Act (SB 258) lifts the veil of secrecy for cleaning products in California. The legislation by California State Senator Ricardo Lara provides consumers and workers the right to know about chemicals they are exposed to from these products. Under this law, companies are required to disclose detailed ingredient information including (for the first time ever!) fragrance chemicals on any cleaning products sold in the state. Read the full blog

Toxic Chemicals in Your Aluminum Cans

I am sitting in a plane as I write this, sipping my usual inflight beverage — a can of seltzer water. Apart from the refreshing fizz of the bubbles down my throat, it’s nothing very exciting. But did you know that this can could have far-reaching impacts on our planet and it’s animals? Read the full blog

Settlement holds E-Cigarette giant accountable

person smoking e-cigaretteIn August, an Alameda County Superior Court approved a legal agreement between CEH and Fontem/Imperial Tobacco (Bu brand). Fontem is an e-cig corporation that was failing to warn consumers about exposure from e-cigarettes to nicotine and two cancer causing chemicals, formaldehyde and acetaldehyde, as required by CA law. Read more about dangers of e-cigs here

“Kids deserve toxic-free shoes!”

red kids shoes We reported a children’s shoe with almost 50 times the amount of lead allowable under the federal standard to the US Consumer Product Safety Commission. We’re also engaged in litigation with the manufacturing company, Olivia Miler, under California’s Proposition 65 law. You can read more here

CEH finds toxic heavy metal in Alex Jones’ Infowars supplements

angry infowars“CEH has announced that it has filed “legal notice” against Infowars for violation of California’s law governing public exposure to toxic chemicals. That law, passed in 1986, is known as Proposition 65. It “requires businesses to notify Californians about significant amounts of chemicals in the products they purchase, in their homes or workplaces, or that are released into the environment,” according to the state’s Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment. OEHHA lists lead as potentially causing cancer, developmental toxicity, male reproductive toxicity and female reproductive toxicity.” Read the full Newsweek article here