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Spring Cleaning: CEH Wipes Out More Toxic Products!

Flame Retardants Up in Smoke A stunning four-part Chicago Tribune investigation has exposed what CEH staff have long known: the flame retardant industry uses dirty tricks, lies, deception and distorted science to peddle unnecessary and harmful products found in furniture, baby products, and hundreds of other everyday items in our homes, offices and even schools….

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Your Valentine’s Day Dose of Strawberry Safety, Hallmark Hazards, and Honey!

Honey Love I love honey. A little honey on a bowl of oatmeal is just about a perfect breakfast as far as I’m concerned. And a little honey on pancakes is just as good. If you’re like me, when you think about honey you think about beehives surrounded by flowers and industrious bees bringing their…

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Back-to-School 2011: Fall Health News from CEH

CEH Packs a Big Superhero Punch for Safe Chemicals! Many moms and parents across the country have been the champions for environmental health, at the forefront of legislative action and advocacy. On August 10th, the mom signal went up again as a squadron of moms and kids suited up in capes and masks gathered in…

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Springtime Health News From CEH

Stand Up for Safe Strawberries This Spring Remember methyl iodide? Called “one of the most toxic chemicals on earth” by Dr. John Froines, UCLA biochemist and chair of the committee of expert scientists that did the official review of methyl iodide’s health hazards, this strawberry pesticide may soon be used to grow berries that’ll be…

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Wishing You a Green Valentine’s Day

Steer Clear of Toxic Jewelry this Valentine’s Day By Caroline Cox When I think about Valentine traditions, I think about all the years I spent perfecting my ability to spoon heart-shaped pancakes onto the griddle. I was usually pretty good at it by the end of our Valentines Day breakfast, but by the next year…

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Fall 2010 Newsletter

CEH Passes Law to Protect Kids from Cadmium! Victory! California’s governor just signed our legislation to protect children from dangerous levels of cadmium in their jewelry. Along with our partners at the American Association of University Women, CEH co-sponsored the bill (California Senator Fran Pavley’s SB 929) in the California legislature. And CEH members like…

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CEH: Bringing Your Valentine’s Dose of Megadeth, Rubber Duckies, and Health Victories

It's only February, and Already… We're just a month and change into the New Year, and already the Center for Environmental Health has scored hard- fought victories for your family's health in 2010. A few highlights: We've completed legally binding settlements with four major retailers, establishing the nation's first legal ban on lead in purses….

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Happy Holidays from CEH!

Happy Holidays from CEH!

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Tips for a Healthy Back-to-School Season (August 2009)

CEH Wishes You a Safe and Healthy Back-to-School Season At the Center for Environmental Health, we’ve spent the summer working with legislators, allies, communities, and businesses – all to protect families like yours from toxic chemicals.  A few quick highlights: We wrote and are now supporting a bill that will ban the largest source of…

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