Before You Leap- the podcast of the Center for Environmental Health.

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Poisoned with Alan Bell

Alan Bell was a young, athletic prosecuting attorney taking down Florida’s top organized crime figures when a move to a new office building prompted a series of odd and increasingly debilitating symptoms. Eventually he was so sick that doctors advised him to move to the Arizona desert where he lived in an 800 square foot…

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Comedy vs. Trump, with Greg Proops and Maysoon Zayid

Can comedy take down the orange menace, before he nukes the planet? We talk to two comedians who are taking on Trump with satire. Maysoon Zayid is Trump’s worst nightmare: she’s a smart, funny, Muslim-American disabled woman comic from New Jersey. Then, Greg Proops is the smartest man in the world, and you should be…

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Biolabs or Bust!

Many people are terrified at the prospect of Donald Trump’s tiny fingers on America’s nuclear weapons button. Another terror in our backyards: the nation’s biological research labs, which handle deadly pathogens like ebola, anthrax and others. We discuss the potential for global disasters with a leading expert in nuclear weapons policy, and with a journalist who…

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Resisting Trump!

Our guests today share their perspectives on resistance and organizing in the Trump era. Professor Robin D.G. Kelley outlines the five things we must do now to resist Trump, and Becky Bond discusses the lessons she learned while working for the Bernie Sanders campaign, and how we can use these “Rules for Revolutionaries” now. Also,…

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Home Cooked

You may know Anya Fernald as a judge on the Food Network’s Iron Chef. She’s also founder of the world’s largest sustainable meat company and author of the new cookbook Home Cooked. Also, Dr. Stanton Glantz was the first to expose the tobacco industry’s deceptive practices, and now he’s working with his UCSF colleagues to…

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Race, Politics and Food

What’s the connection between race, culture, health and food? We talk with Chef Therese Nelson, founder of the Black Culinary History Project, and Dr. Ricardo Salvador, who tells us about the Plate of the Union campaign. Also, hear what you can do about the toxic chemical BPA in your food. If you enjoy this episode,…

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The Best of B4uLeap

It’s summer, so it’s a good time for our “best of” show. Featuring best-selling science humorist Mary Roach, Pulitzer Prize winners Deborah Blum and Dan Fagin, food advocates Dr. Marion Nestle and Anna Lappe, legendary satirists Paul Krassner and Harry Shearer, and many others. On this episode we look back on our podcasts with leading…

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A Grocery Store Revolution

Brahm Ahmadi is creating the People’s Community Market, a revolutionary grocery store to tackle environmental injustice and health disparities in West Oakland’s under-served “food desert.” And a former podcast guest, social justice comedian Negin Farsad is coming to Oakland to promote her new book How to Make White People Laugh. We’ll hear the event details…

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Bread, Wine, Chocolate – with Simran Sethi

In the first of two episodes on food, health, and justice, we speak to Simran Sethi, author of Bread, Wine, Chocolate: The Slow Loss of Foods We Love. Hear Simran’s tale of traveling to six continents in pursuit of delicious and endangered tastes, with stories that highlight the inspiring people and places that are bringing back the…

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Michael Green on Green Divas Radio

Hear CEH Chief Executive Officer Michael Green on the Green Divas Radio show, on the Flint water crisis and more. (Michael’s interview starts at 35:30)

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