Bullets and Bread

Listen/Subscribe via ItunesDownloadDo you like energy bars or granola bars? How about packaged fresh juice smoothies, or ready-to-eat pizza crusts? If you eat these or any of thousands of other foods you have the military to thank. Hear Anastacia Marx de Salcedo, author of Combat-Ready Kitchen, on the military origins of our food. Then, organic farmer Judith Redmond on the climate and agriculture connection. Check us out on iTunes. We’re also on Stitcher Radio and Player FM! And you can stream the show every day at 10 am Eastern on the Green Divas Radio Network. Anastacia Marx de Salcedo is the author of Combat-Ready Kitchen: How the U.S. Military Shapes the Way You Eat. In it she scrutinizes the world of processed food and its long relationship with the military—unveiling the twists, turns, successes, failures, and products that have found their way from the armed forces’ and contractors’ laboratories into our kitchens.Food science writer Harold McGee says “Combat-Ready Kitchen reveals in abundant detail how military necessity has spawned food-technological invention and many of the processed foods that crowd our supermarket and kitchen shelves.” Judith Redmond is a co-owner of Full Belly Farm, one of Northern California’s most well-known and successful organic farms. She is also an active partner with the California Climate and Agriculture Network, a statewide coalition of sustainable agriculture and farmer leaders advancing agricultural solutions to climate change. Music includes This is the Army Mr. Jones. And excerpts from Civilians Try Military Food.Tags: , , , , ,