Comedy vs. Trump, with Greg Proops and Maysoon Zayid

Listen/Subscribe via ItunesDownloadCan comedy take down the orange menace, before he nukes the planet? We talk to two comedians who are taking on Trump with satire. Maysoon Zayid is Trump’s worst nightmare: she’s a smart, funny, Muslim-American disabled woman comic from New Jersey. Then, Greg Proops is the smartest man in the world, and you should be reading his book and listening to his podcast. Laugh, and resist! If you like this podcast, check out our previous episodes on Satire & Activism with Harry Shearer and Negin Farsad; our episodes on creativity and activism with animator Mark Fiore and Humor Code author Peter McGraw; on Race and Racism, with comedian Baratunde Thurston; and on mindfulness and meditation, with Dr. James Doty. Maysoon Zayid is a writer, actor, comedian and co-founder of the New York Arab-American Comedy Festival. A Palestinian woman from New Jersey, Maysoon jokes about her family, global culture, and her life with cerebral palsy. Her Ted Talk, “I’ve got 99% problems…palsy is just one” has nearly 9 million views. You can follow her on twitter where she’s active about 23 1/2 hours a day.   Greg Proops is a stand up comic from San Francisco who now lives in Hollywood. He has a hit podcast, The Smartest Man in the World, and a new book (out in paperback on February 21), The Smartest Book in the World. He has recorded the podcast live in London, Australia, New Zealand, Montreal, Edinburgh, Dublin, San Francisco, Oslo, Amsterdam, Austin, Paris aboard a ship in the Caribbean and somehow, Cleveland. You can follow Greg on twitter for all of his upcoming dates, podcasts, and more.   Music in this episode includes Bob Marley, Get Up, Stand Up and Marvin Gaye, What’s Going On.