Dad’s Dearest

We speak to three Bay Area activist-Dads about fatherhood and progressive activism. Hear Innosanto Nagara, Ludovic Blain, and Michael Green discuss their kids, life, and molotov cocktails! Check out this episode! (use the button on the right to subscribe with iTunes) Inno Nagara is the author of A is for Activist, a wonderful children’s book you should all have! Order it here. He is a co-founder and member of the Design Action Collective, a worker-owned business that provides design and communications tools to social justice organizations. Ludovic Blain is a community activist who has spent more than 20 years working for voting rights,  fighting against industrial polluters, and organizing for social change. In 2007 Essence magazine named him a “Do Right Man.” Michael Green is Executive Director of the Center for Environmental Health, one of the nation’s leading groups working to protects children and families from toxic chemicals and to promote business products and practices that are safe for public health and the environment. He is regularly quoted in the media on issues relating to chemical health threats, and blogs at the Huffington Post. 232323232fp53264>nu=3236>265>67->WSNRCG=323763<-484-9nu0mrjAs promised in this episode, here’s a picture of our host Charles Margulis (the chubby guy on the left) in his “yachting” suit! Our theme music is You Jump First by The Simple Carnival. Our out music is I Feel Fantastic by Jonathan Coulton. Many thanks to the great folks at Oakland’s Youth Radio, where our interviews are taped.