Episode 11 Promo – Food: Science, Politics, Action!

Anna_MarionEveryone eats, and we all play roles individually and collectively in the food system. We speak to two leading food advocates working for safer, healthier, more sustainable food. Dr. Marion Nestle is one of the country’s leading food advocates – Michael Pollan ranked her 2nd only to Michelle Obama as the nation’s most powerful foodie. We also speak to Anna Lappe, who was named one of our leading “food fighters” by the New York Times. And Rebecca Spector of the Center for Food Safety gives us a brief update on GMO labeling battles and other ways we can all get involved in some current food issues.

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For Bay Area foodies, on May 8, CEH is holding our gala event featuring a keynote speech by former-Congressman (and GMO labeling proponent) Dennis Kucinich. We will also hear from Van Jones and special guests actors Evan handler and Paul Adelstein, and much more! Tickets are going fast, get yours today!

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