Episode 9 Promo – Can You Pass the (Deoxyribonucleic) Acid Test!

acid_test.jpgSome say our genes are our destiny. But what if our biological inheritance is more than just genes? What does this mean for genetic testing, and our understanding of the basic concepts of genetics, disease and health? We talk to Kira Peikoff – she had her DNA analyzed by three companies that offer direct-to-consumer genetic testing, and she got back three very different results. Then Dr. David Ng talks about “Genetic Tests for Realz,” and we talk to Dr. Stuart Newman about Darwin, Lamarck, and the strange new science of epigenetics and evolutionary developmental biology. Finally, activist and author Pete Shanks fills us in on the feud between the Food and Drug Administration and genetic testing company 23andme. Listen to a promo now! Tags: , , , , ,