Home Cooked

Listen/Subscribe via ItunesDownloadYou may know Anya Fernald as a judge on the Food Network’s Iron Chef. She’s also founder of the world’s largest sustainable meat company and author of the new cookbook Home Cooked. Also, Dr. Stanton Glantz was the first to expose the tobacco industry’s deceptive practices, and now he’s working with his UCSF colleagues to expose the same tactics used by the sugar industry over the past 50 years. And an update on the toxic chemical BPA in canned food. Anya Fernald is the author of Home Cooked (with food writer Jessica Battilana) and co-founder and CEO of the Belcamanya2po Meat Co, the world’s largest sustainable meat company, with more than 20,000 acres of farmland in California and seven butcher shops and restaurants in the San Francisco and Los Angeles areas. Anya lived in Italy for many years working with Slow Food, and upon returning to the United States, launched Slow Food Nation and the Eat Real festival. Anya has been a regular judge on the Food Network’s Iron Chef since 2009, and also serves as the founding board chair of the Food Craft Institute. Home Cooked brings a forgotten pragmatism to home cooking, forming the basis for a kitchen repertoire that is inspired, thrifty, environmentally sound, and most importantly, bursting with flavor. Chef Mario Batali says, ““If there is one book you buy this year, let it be Home Cooked. It will rejuvenate your passion for cooking,” and the LA Times says, “Fernald surprises not only with an emphasis on vegetables but also with lovely detours into pasta-making and cocktails…the new way of cooking in the book’s title is also a profoundly old way: over time, with friends, allowing the ingredients at hand to dictate both dish and dinner.” Dr. Stanton Glantz is a globally recognized expert on the tobacco and e-cigarettes industry and is applying his understanding of the industry to the emerging marijuana industry as well as the sugar industry. The new research with lead author Dr. Cristin Kearns exposes internal stansugar industry documents showing the industry’s undue influence on sugar science beginning in the 1960’s. You can see more about Dr. Kearns’ journey from inner-city dentist to the sugar industry’s public enemy #1 in the documentary film Sugar Coated. Dr. Glantz is Director of the UCSF Center for Tobacco Control Research and Education, Co-Leader of the Helen Diller Familiy Comprehensive Cancer Center Tobacco Program and a member of the Cardiovascular Research Institute and Philip R. Lee Instiute for Healh Policy Studies. Working with the UCSF Library, he has taken the lead in making 90 million pages of previously secret tobacco industry documents available via the internet through the UCSF Truth Tobacco Industry Documents Library. This effort has help create a whole new area of scientific investigation based on tobacco industry documents. You may recall that the toxic chemical bisphenol A (BPA) has been eliminated from most baby bottles and sippy cups, but it is still used in many other products, including in the linings of many canned foods. A California state science panel unanimously agreed that BPA poses serious threats to women’s reproductive health, and studies have linked BPA exposure to breast cancer, prostate cancer, and other serious diseases. Last year, California told canned food makers that they would need to start warning consumers about BPA in their products by May 2016. But just weeks before that deadline, the state released an “emergency” rule with limited public notice, that allows canned food companies to continue selling BPA-tainted products without adequately warning consumers. Now the state wants to extend this rule, despite the ongoing risks to our children and families.  CEH has joined with business leaders and other advocacy groups in calling on the state to withdraw this dangerous proposal and put our health first! You can take action to urge state regulators to withdraw this proposal via the CEH website. Music in this episode includes Suga Suga by Baby Bash, Home Cookin’ by Bob Hope and Lucille Ball, and  “Feed & Pray” by pAS dOO. For more visit www.pasdoomusic.com