Poisoned with Alan Bell

Listen/Subscribe via ItunesDownloadAlan Bell was a young, athletic prosecuting attorney taking down Florida’s top organized crime figures when a move to a new office building prompted a series of odd and increasingly debilitating symptoms. Eventually he was so sick that doctors advised him to move to the Arizona desert where he lived in an 800 square foot glass and steel bubble, confined to a wheel chair and tethered to an oxygen tank. His new book Poisoned chronicles his journey to recovery and to fighting for other victims of environmental contamination. Alan Bell is the author of “Poisoned: How a Crime-Busting Prosecutor Turned His Medical Mystery Into a Crusade For Environmental Victims.” The book, with a forward by “A Civil Action” attorney Jan Schlichtmann, describes Alan’s quest to discover how he ended up nearly dying from debilitating illnesses after a move to a new state-of-the-art office building, and how he overcame his illness and returned to the law to fight for others suffering from environmental exposures. The book is part medical mystery, part shocking expose, putting a human face on the hidden truths behind the toxic dangers that assault all of us in our everyday environments.