Your Brain on Activism! (Part 2)

Listen/Subscribe via ItunesDownloadWhat do animated political cartoons, mass non-violent direct actions, and a global search for humor have in common? Is that the start of a joke? No, it’s today’s episode on creativity in activism! We talk to Peter McGraw, author of The Humor Code; Pulitzer Prize winning animator Mark Fiore and Paul Paz y Miño of Amazon Watch; and activist John Sellers of Agit-Pop Communications. We’re also on Stitcher Radio! HumorCode52GfQLPeter McGraw is the co-author, with Joel Warner, of the The Humor Code: A Global Search for What Makes Things Funny. In a starred review, Booklist said, “It’s not often you can say a book about comedy can teach us some serious lessons. This one does — and entertains us in the process.” The book is a wide ranging, insightful and funny look at how humor works, and Pete is an irrepressible and adventurous seeker of the science of comedy. Hear Pete talk about the Seinfeld Strategy, humorous complaining, how he can make my sister funnier, and much more.     DonnyRPaul Paz y Miño works with Amazon Watch, a nonprofit dedicated to saving the rainforest and protecting the rights of the indigenous people of the Amazon Basin. In his work with animator Mark Fiore, he’s taking on some of the world’s most corrupt regimes and dirtiest corporations. Mark Fiore is the only animator to ever win a Pulitzer Prize for Editorial Cartooning. His work has appeared in numerous media, including, Mother Jones, CNN, PBS Frontline and many others. His work is regularly featured on the website of the San Francisco Chronicle. In addition to a Pulitzer, Mark has received a a Robert F. Kennedy Journalism Award in 2004 and has twice received an Online Journalism Award for commentary from the Online News Association (2002, 2008). He has also received two awards for his work in new media from the National Cartoonists Society (2001, 2002), and in 2006 received The James Madison Freedom of Information Award from The Society of Professional Journalists. koch-bros-its-the-evil-thingJohn Sellers is a co-founder of the Ruckus Society and is Chief Existential Officer and co-founder of Agit-Pop Communications, an award-winning one-stop creative studio delivering strategic messaging, cutting edge New Media and boots-on-the-ground campaigning to the progressive net-roots. He has helped train thousands of people in the history and tactics of non-violent direct action, making fun and effective political art, music, theater and protest.