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Environmental Justice in Flint and Beyond

“It is even more important for public health leaders and physicians to use their voice in communities that have become largely voiceless, and that is what Flint had become.” Dr. Mona Hanna-Attisha, whose research demonstrated that the children of Flint  were suffering lead poisoning due to the change in the city’s drinking water supply. “That, to…

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Into the Magic Shop

Growing up, Jim Doty was from a poor, dysfunctional family, with an alcoholic father and a chronically depressed mother. But he overcame his childhood to become a successful neurosurgeon and the founding director of the Center for Compassion and Altruism Research and Education, of which the Dalai Lama is a founding benefactor. On this episode,…

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Changing Batteries to Change the World

The race to the next generation of batteries may change everything, making electric cars and the transition to an all-electric, 100% renewable energy economy a reality. We talk to Steve LeVine, author of “The Powerhouse,” about the race to build a better battery, and to researcher Mark Jacobson, who has authored plans for a global…

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Bullets and Bread

Do you like energy bars or granola bars? How about packaged fresh juice smoothies, or ready-to-eat pizza crusts? If you eat these or any of thousands of other foods you have the military to thank. Hear Anastacia Marx de Salcedo, author of Combat-Ready Kitchen, on the military origins of our food. Then, organic farmer Judith…

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Toms River, Science and Salvation

A conversation with Pulitzer-Prize winning author Dan Fagin and Sierra Club’s Michael Brune.

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Green Chemistry and My Grey Hair

John Warner has been called the father of green chemistry, but can he restore my grey hair to its natural color? On this episode, we’ll hear about John’s journey from a working class family in South Boston to helping to create the field of green chemistry. We’ll also find out if green chemistry can restore…

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E-cigarettes: Safe to Vape?

Advertising claims by e-cigarette companies call the products “healthy” and “harmless” with “no chemicals,” but a CEH report this month found high levels of cancer-causing chemicals in the majority of nearly 100 e-cigarettes tested. Are e-cigarettes posing an addiction risk to an entire new generation? We talk with addiction specialist Dr. Sheldon Weinberg, and hear…

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Project Animal Farm

Born out of a global expedition fearlessly undertaken by a young woman, Sonia Faruqi’s new book Project Animal Farm offers a riveting and revealing look at what truly happens behind farm doors. Also, an update on the use of animal drugs in meat production from Cameron Harsh of the Center for Food Safety. We’re also…

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Toxic Flame Retardants Are Good For You!

Corporations use fake front groups every day – but it’s not every day that we get to hear from an insider about the front group he ran for the chemical industry. Grant Gillham created and managed a front group for companies that make toxic flame retardants, spinning stories and deceiving consumers and legislators about the…

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From Silent Spring to Poison Spring

Evaggelos Vallianatos worked at the Environmental Protection Agency for 25 years, and working from insider documents, his new book Poison Spring outlines how the chemical industry’s influence has derailed regulations on pesticides and other toxic chemicals. Also, Jay Feldman of Beyond Pesticides on pesticide use in marijuana production – should you be concerned about pesticide…

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