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Captured by Corporations

What happens when government regulators seem more concerned with protecting the profits of the corporations that they’re supposed to be regulating than in protecting our health or the environment? We hear from two journalists who follow what happens when politics and corporate interests trump science at EPA and FDA. And CEH Executive Director Michael Green tells…

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Black Lives Matter & Environmental Justice

Environmental justice and #blacklivesmatter

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Death, Life and Hospice

I thought I knew what hospice was – until the time came to seek hospice for my Dad, and then I realized I had only the faintest idea of what hospice means, and I had a lot of misconceptions. On this episode, I speak with Dr. BJ Miller, Executive Director of San Francisco’s Zen Hospice…

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Worse Than Ebola

U.S. research labs can create even deadlier strains of Ebola, influenza, and other infectious diseases, in so-called “gain-of-function” research. We hear from biosafety expert Edward Hammond on threats from lab-created superbugs, including research at the University of Wisconsin in Madison. Also, food safety lawyer Bill Marler, and health threats from the hormone-altering chemical BPA, from…

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Episode 18 Promo – Worse Than Ebola

The U.S. media has been in a frenzy about the risk of Ebola, even though health professionals say there’s virtually no risk to most Americans (and in the U.S., you are more likely to be killed by a gun than Ebola). Meanwhile, U.S. research labs can create even deadlier strains of Ebola, influenza, and other…

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A Good Death, with Caitlin Doughty

It’s our Halloween show, and who better to talk to than the most fun mortician on the planet, Caitlin Doughty. We talk to Caitlin about death planning, “secondary flaccidity,” the nest death movie ever, and her new book, Smoke Gets in Your Eyes and Other Lessons from the Crematory. Check our other recent podcasts, on…

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Your Brain on Activism! (Part 2)

What do animated political cartoons, mass non-violent direct actions, and a global search for humor have in common? Is that the start of a joke? No, it’s today’s episode on creativity in activism! We talk to Peter McGraw, author of The Humor Code; Pulitzer Prize winning animator Mark Fiore and Paul Paz y Miño of…

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Your Brain on Activism! (Part 1)

Creativity is a given when we think about fields like music, art, theater…but what about activism? In this show, we talk to two leading activists on how their creative sensibilities help inform their work. We also hear from a researcher who straps jazz musicians and freestyle rappers into an MRI machine and studies their brains…

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Lead Wars!

Most of us think of lead paint as an unintentionally hazardous product of the paint industry’s practices. But in fact, lead in paint was a product of the lead industry’s century-long campaign to maintain sales of their product, a metal that they knew posed serious health threats to children and families. On this episode we…

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Race or Racism?

“Scientific racism” rears its head again! This time around, long-time New York Times science writer Nicholas Wade claims that his noxious ideas are merely the truths laid out in our genes. In this episode, Professor Agustin Fuentes explains why Wade has it all wrong, and comedian Baratunde Thurston says instead of reading Wade you should…

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