A comprehensive list of our reports & publications.

CEH Report: “Our Health, PVC, and Critical Infrastructure”

Disposable Foodware Report: “Avoiding Hidden Hazards”

BPA in Canned Food Report: “Kicking the Can”

E-cigarette Report: “A Smoking Gun- cancer-causing chemicals in e-cigarettes”

CEH Factsheet Fracking and Maternal Health: What New York Legislators and Regulators Need to Know

CEH Report Safer Suds: Eliminating a Cancer-Causing Chemical in Shampoos and Soaps

CEH Report Playing on Poisons: Harmful Flame Retardants in Children’s Furniture

CEH California Report Success Stories from 30 Years of Proposition 65

CEH National Report How a California Law Makes Air, Water, and Products Safer for Children and Families Nationwide

CEH Maternal Health Factsheet (English)  Fracking: Chemical Threats to Your Family’s Health

CEH Maternal Health Factsheet (Spanish) Fracturación: Sustancias Tóxicas que Amenazan La Salud de Su Familia

CEH Report Toxic & Dirty Secrets: The Truth About Fracking and Your Family’s Health

CEH Report Naptime Nightmares? Toxic Flame Retardants in Childcare Napmats

CEH Report on Cadmium in Jewelry

CEH Report on Toxic Toys

CEH Report on Lead in Handbags

CEH Report on Lead in Jewelry

CEH Report on Lead in Artificial Turf

CEH Report on Lead in Wheel Weights

CEH Report on Lead in Poker Chips

CEH Report on Lead in Dog Accessories

CEH Report on Lead in Diaper Bags

CEH Report on Lead in Hannah Montana Products

Electronics Recyclersin the San Francisco Bay Area

Toxic Sweatshops: Prison Recycling

An Unnecessary Poison: Babies, Bibs, and Lead

Polluted Highways, Poisoned Waters: Lead in Wheel Balancing Weights