Office Furniture Survey & Guide

CEH and HDR, North American’s second largest architecture firm, partnered on a survey to identify leading office furniture manufacturers that produce either some or all of their upholstered office furniture without flame retardant chemicals. CEH has released a guide “Kicking Toxic Chemicals Out of the Office: An Easy Guide to Going Flame Retardant-Free” to help purchasers identify and procure flame retardant free furniture.


  • 29 of the 29 companies that responded are offering office furniture free of flame retardant chemicals. 18 of the 29 companies are making all products without these chemicals, while the other 11 are currently offering some FR-free products.
  • 19 of the 29 companies are labeling products nationwide to indicate whether products contain added flame retardants (such labels are required only in California).
FR Guide cover

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