Residential Furniture Survey

CEH collaborated with the American Home Furnishings Alliance (AHFA) and the Sustainable Furnishings Council to survey residential furniture companies to identify upholstered seating products that do not contain flame retardant chemicals. See the results below.


  • We received surveys from 43 companies representing 65 brands of furniture. All of the survey respondents are providing flame retardant-free furniture.
  • 33 of the 43 residential furniture companies (77%) are labeling products NATIONWIDE to indicate whether products contain added flame retardants (such labels are required only in California).

When purchasing furniture consumers should consider the following:

  1. Furniture that is labeled “Contain NO added flame retardant chemicals” reflects the materials used in that product. Check with companies if you choose a different fabric to ensure it is also flame retardant-free.
  1. Look for labels under cushions or on the bottom of furniture to see if labels indicate whether added flame retardants have been used.
  1. Be cautious about floor samples and deeply discounted products that may be older products made with flame retardant chemicals.

The following companies have removed toxic flame retardants from ALL of their products: