Success by the Numbers

We've cleaned up dozens of industries from shampoos to toys.


  • Created an ordinance that requires a major city to consider people’s health and the environment in all of its purchases, using this $1.9 billion annual operations purchasing budget to deepen the market for safe, environmentally preferable products.
  • Won landmark legal agreements with more than 40 leading cosmetic companies requiring them to use organic ingredients in their “organic” labeled products or change their false labels. As a result of our work, one company that makes the “Organix” falsely labeled brand has been significantly damaged, costing the company at least $200 million, showing the entire industry that making false organic claims can backfire.
  • Worked with the nation’s four leading health care group purchasing organizations (Costcos for hospitals) to create the most stringent environmental standards for computer purchasing and recycling. The standards shape $20 billion in annual hospital electronics spending; purchasing by one GPO alone serves 1,100 acute-care hospitals and 50,000 non-acute-care facilities.
  • Prompted Congress to adopt the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act, which for the first time set comprehensive federal standards banning lead from toys—an $84-billion-per-year industry–and all other children’s products.
  • Conducted a multi-year health investigation that exposed the threat of lead in children’s jewelry. Over five years, we tested jewelry and brought legal action against more than 200 jewelry suppliers and retailers. Our legal action spurred the largest product recall in U.S. history, removing more than 150 million pieces of potentially lead-tainted children’s jewelry store shelves nationwide. This work led to a landmark agreement with Macy’s, Disney, Target, Wal-Mart and ultimately over 200 other companies to protect children from unsafe and potentially fatal exposures to lead. To ensure that companies were adhering to the strict lead limits in our settlement, we tested another 4500 pieces of jewelry and demonstrated that this work had virtually ended threats to children and women from lead-tainted jewelry.
  • Forced Chrysler and the leading manufacturers of auto wheel balancing weights to end their use of leaded wheel weights, which ejected millions of pounds of lead annually, threatening drinking water supplies nationwide.