Safer Office Furniture, Without Flame Retardants



CEH has been leading the national effort to eliminate health threats from toxic flame retardant chemicals that are used in almost all of our furniture. Many people have heard about “killer couches” that pose health threats to our children and families, but often people don’t realize that office furniture can also pose a significant health risk to America’s workers.

Go flame retardant free

Now CEH has won commitments from major companies, including Facebook, Genetech, Staples and others to seek furniture without flame retardant chemicals for their massive furniture buying. The companies that have signed the CEH Purchaser’s Pledge collectively spend more than $520 million annually on furniture. When major companies make demands like this from their suppliers, the entire marketplace shifts to safer products without flame retardant chemicals. We have also partnered with HDR Architecture, the nation’s 2nd largest architectural design firm, to determine which furniture suppliers are offering office furniture made without flame retardants. Our guide to flame retardant-free office furniture gives you and your workplace the tools you need to buy safer products.

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Signers of the CEH Purchaser Pledge


Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts

City of Portland

Dignity Health



Hackensack University Medical Center

HDR Architecture

Healthy Building Science

Kaiser Permanente

Kay Chesterfield

Multnomah County

One Workplace

Perkins + Will

San Francisco Department of Environment




Office Furniture Companies Offering flame retardant-free products

Companies who have removed ALL FR chemicals from their Furniture

  1. Andreu World
  2. Arcadia Contract
  3. Bretford
  4. David Edward Company
  5. Global/ GLOBALcare:
  6. Humanscale
  7. Izzy+
  8. Neutral Posture
  9. OFS Brands
  10. Teknion
  11. Wieland

Companies who have removed FR  chemicals from SOME of their products

  1. Haworth
  2. Herman Miller
  3. Leland International/Freshcoast
  4. Martin Brattrud

Chemicals are ineffective at preventing fires

Studies show that flame retardant chemicals don’t improve fire safety in furniture, but they can leach out of products and contaminate workplaces and homes. Toxic flame retardants have been detected in the bodies of virtually all Americans tested and in nearly all workplace environments tested. Many of these chemicals have been linked to cancer, birth defects, hormone disruption and other serious health problems.

For more information, see the CEH press release.

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