Safer Water, in Flint and Beyond

Since the Flint Michigan water crisis, reports from around the country have suggested that drinking water safety issues may be more widespread.  In areas that have histories of environmental inequities, where residents already suffer health problems from environmental stressors, a crisis like the lead contamination of the water supply is likely to cause even more severe health consequences.

CEH is a key member of a coalition of groups that have joined together to form Healthy Babies Bright Futures. In response to the water crisis in Flint Michigan and the following reports from around the country from people concerned about the safety of drinking water, Healthy Babies Bright Futures has teamed with Virginia Tech University, the researchers who detected lead contamination in Flints water, to offer lead testing of water to anyone who wants to be sure that their drinking water is safe.

Simply click on the image below to find out how you can have your water tested.

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CEH Executive Director Michael Green recently testified at a Congressional briefing on the Flint Water Crisis. You can see excerpts from Michael’s testimony at the briefing below (video from the House committee feed).

You can see Michael’s written testimony here (pdf).


You can hear our podcast on Environmental Justice in Flint and Beyond, with Dr. Robert Bullard (one of the country’s most prolific and important scholars documenting the environmental justice movement) and Flint resident Dr. Mona Hanna-Attisha, who first exposed the lead contamination of the water supply there (see Dr. Hanna-Attisha’s powerpoint on the Flint crisis and next steps).

Bay Area residents, see the ABC7 On Your Side story on local water testing options:

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