From public pressure to legal action, we have perfected the strategies that put safer products in your home and workplace.

Over the last 20 years, the Center for Environmental Health has fundamentally changed the way companies do business, making every American family safer.

How do we do it?


We’re science geeks.  We devour the latest, most reliable studies and use them to guide our search for latest-known toxic threats.  We’ve also pioneered the use of cutting-edge technologies to scour the marketplace for products that expose your family to these hidden toxic chemicals. We have identified and exposed thousands of toxic products and business practices over the years.

The Courts:

We’ve taken powerful, multinational businesses to court to force them to get lead, arsenic, and other toxic chemicals out of your family’s air, water, and essential products. Today, hundreds of millions of children and families are safer because of our many, far-reaching legal victories.

The Law Makers:

After our legal action forced jewelry makers and retailers to end lead threats from children’s jewelry, we wrote and passed the law that made the entire industry protect kids.  But important laws like this only address one toxic chemical at a time.  That’s why we’re also leading the nationwide effort that is pushing the government to improve its approach to regulating all chemicals.  The current rules allow companies to expose your family to chemicals without demonstrating that those chemicals are safe.  We’re pushing for rules that actually protect your family by requiring companies to test their chemicals for safety, disclose their results, and use the safest chemicals available.  Chemical makers call us radical for our proposal.  Really?  When did Looking Before You Leap become radical?

The Markets:

Big companies buy lots of stuff, and their purchasing choices move entire markets.  We partner with responsible businesses, and we show them how to demand products that are safer from production to use to disposal.  Because of strategically created demand, suppliers have more incentives to adopt safer practices and design safer products.  Using the power of the marketplace, the Center for Environmental Health is flipping industries’ traditional race to the bottom. This is part of our blueprint for changing our economy and protecting your family’s health.


The environmental health movement’s strongest advocates are those  who face the worst threats from toxics.  That’s why we support the leadership of grassroots organizations in low-income communities of color, helping to connect brave leaders with the latest scientific and public health resources available and supporting communities’ efforts to address the environmental justice threats that matter most to them.

Moms and Dads:

With regular national media coverage, we ensure that families nationwide hear about the threat of undercover toxics.  We also give parents information that helps them protect their families from toxic chemicals.  And with our finger on the pulse of the environmental health movement, we know when there’s a strategic opportunity to push decision makers in big business and the government.  That’s when we rally  moms and dads to demand decisions that protect families from toxic chemicals.